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Scam and fraud sites


These websites are VERIFIED scam/fraud websites. They do NOT pay out:


NEW! Planet Pulse


Planet Pulse is a survey company for the Asia-Pacific region. They DO NOT PAY OUT! They also do NOT respond to customer emails.

Confirmed SCAM company - be warned! is a paid-to-surf/click program. They promise high earnings, but they NEVER pay out.



NEW! added - they discontinued their points/referral programme, without informing the users and without giving them a chance to cash in their earnings. Shame on you, Scour!



Corpscan is another website that has been added to our scam list. They have failed to reply to our requests for mediation:


Here are some comments from SurveySam users:


" is now announced as a fraud company by many survey websites. Lots of corpscan members are now complaining about the website to their corporate partners like MRA, Institute of surveys, ESMOR etc. Thousands of people have not been paid any amount for more than 2 years, No replies to any questions form help desk. Please delete their link..." (Guru, India)


" is one of the fraud companies I have experienced. I have more the 6000rs (Indian currency) - they have still not paid me and also they are not answering any questions. I have contacted some other members, they have also experienced the same." (Shivaraja, India)



We have removed these from our main database, but they are listed here as a warning to all users. The links are intentionally not live.


Beware of any paid-to-surf and paid survey sites that do not pay their users.

If you have experienced any problems with any site listes on, please report it to us here »